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Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile

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Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile


The Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile is an outcome of the Regional Skills Taskforce – Mallee Region.  Comprising prominent Mallee business leaders, the Taskforce was established in May 2017 and chaired by the Victorian Skills Commissioner, Mr Neil Coulson. The Taskforce aimed to better understand local skills shortages, where local investment is being made, existing and future workforce training needs, and what skills will be required for local Mallee students, jobseekers and the workforce more broadly.

The Regional Skills Demand Profile developed by the Taskforce notes that the Mallee region has an ageing workforce with a looming demand for labour replacement in existing local industry. This, combined with significant planned investments in the Horticulture industry locally, will drive demand for skilled workers. The Profile found skills challenges and opportunities across the horticultural, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, construction, transport, retail trade, and healthcare sectors in the Mallee region. It underlines the need to ensure skills training is aligned to industry demands, whilst warning that without continued growth in the workforce, economic progress in the region could stall.

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