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Industry Engagement Framework

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The Victorian Government is committed to working with industry, unions and expert bodies to ensure Victoria’s Government-funded training system best serves the needs of the economy.

The Government has also committed to reforming the training system to recognise the importance of industry, employers and students – to ensure that students gain the skills they need for real jobs, which in turn boosts industry productivity.

Our Industry Engagement Framework provides a structured way for industry, unions and employers to inform and engage with the training system in Victoria.


What the framework looks like

The framework is dynamic and flexible with regular and ongoing engagement with industry.

It allows information to be gathered from across the breadth of Victorian industries, as well as for the capture of information about regional industry needs and specific training and system issues.

The framework is designed to be able to respond to changing priorities and emerging issues.

In addition there will be:

Regional Skills Taskforces which will gather information and provide advice about the unique skills needs of Victoria’s regions.

Advice will be sought on workforce development needs in geographic areas where training needs are not currently being met.

The VSC will facilitate an independent process, complimentary to the new Regional Partnerships Initiative, to gather information.

Industry Skills Taskforces: The VSC will also bring together Industry Skills Taskforces at the request of the Minister or as required that will work for a time-limited period to examine a particular existing or emerging issue.

An example is the skills and training needs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – an issue that the Minister referred to the VSC.

Importantly, work undertaken within the Industry Engagement Framework will be co-ordinated with work underway in other areas of Government. It will be supported by rich sources of data available from industry and from within Government.


What will the Industry Engagement Framework deliver?

By providing a stronger and more effective industry voice and by accessing the best possible insight into industry needs, the framework will:

  • Ensure the barriers to providing training to meet industry demand can be identified and overcome;
  • Enable Government to address current and future skill shortages and workforce training needs, including the training needs of emerging industries;
  • Promote training pathways that lead to skills development in the workforce, qualifications and jobs;
  • Ensure that the unique requirements of regional Victoria for quality training and skills are understood and supported.


VSC Industry Engagement Framework brochure

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