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Annual Activity Report

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2018 Annual Activity Report


The 2018 Annual Activity Report presents the outcomes and activity of the Victorian Skills Commissioner and his office in its third year.

The Industry Engagement Framework, established by the Commissioner in 2016, contributes vital industry intelligence and insight which supports the development of government policy and programs. It is this work which continues to inspire skilling solutions that respond to the identified needs of Victorian industries and regions.

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2017 Annual Activity Report


The 2017 Annual Activity Report reflects the second year of activity of the Victorian Skills Commissioner and his office in 2017 and, in particular, the outcomes delivered during this period.

The work of the Commissioner and his office throughout 2017 has put the Industry Engagement Framework into practice and demonstrated the value of this new approach in connecting industry with the training system.

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2016 Annual Activity Report


This report documents the first 12 months’ activity of the Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner. Establishing a new way of connecting Victorian industry with our training system is an important and rewarding task that promises to strengthen economic outcomes, better-target government spending and enable people to gain meaningful and valued employment.

This work is ongoing and supports significant reforms that the Victorian Government is undertaking to better align Victoria’s Vocational Education and Training System with the needs of industry.

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