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Growing Apprenticeships And Traineeships In Victoria

Victorian Skills Commissioner Neil Coulson joined Minister for Training and Skills Gayle Tierney and apprentices on Wednesday, 3 May in Docklands to launch a new taskforce to drive apprenticeships and traineeships.

Mr Coulson will chair the taskforce which will look at barriers stopping people from taking up an apprenticeship or traineeship and whether issues are specific to particular industries or if there are broader systemic issues.

The Apprenticeship and Traineeship Taskforce, which will report its findings to government in October, includes members of:

  • Apprenticeship Employment Network
  • Australian Council for Private Education and Training
  • Australian Industry Group
  • Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Victorian TAFE Association
  • Victorian Trades Hall Council

The Labor Government is supporting apprentices with the Victorian Budget 2017/18 including $8.2 million for Apprentice Support Officers to make sure first year apprentices get the support they need to finish their training.

While the Labor Government has stemmed the decline of apprenticeships in Victoria, training continues to decline across the country, largely due to a drop in confidence because of Malcolm Turnbull’s neglect of the training system.

The Turnbull Government’s silence on a new National Partnership on Skills Funding is of real concern to the Labor Government.

The agreement, worth around $130 million to Victoria this financial year, ends in June and Malcolm Turnbull is yet to say whether there will be a new deal.

Mr Coulson said the taskforce would ensure that extensive input is sought from all groups.

“Whilst some people see university qualifications as a guarantee for young people’s futures, traditional trade apprenticeships have historically proven to be a pathway to employment,” Mr Coulson said.

Minister Tierney said that trades shouldn’t be playing second fiddle to university.

“That’s why we’re working to grow apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria and this taskforce will help us drive that,” Minister Tierney said.

“Apprentices and trainees are the backbone of our training system and the future of our workforce. It’s so important we continue to grow numbers so we have a strong economy.”

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