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Victorian Skills Commissioner commences Ovens Murray Regional Skills Taskforce

The Victorian Skills Commissioner, Mr Neil Coulson, establishes and chairs Regional Skills Taskforces in order to gather intelligence on skill demand pressures, future industry skills and training needs, and priority growth sectors within specific regions of Victoria.

Having completed a Taskforce in the Mallee region and the Great South Coast region, the Commissioner has now commenced a Taskforce in the Ovens Murray region.

The Ovens Murray Region is in north-east Victoria and is made up of the Alpine Shire, Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire, Mansfield Shire, Towong Shire, Wangaratta Rural City and Wodonga City.

Bordering the Murray River to the north and having unique access to Victoria’s High Country, the Ovens Murray region is best known for its lifestyle advantages and thriving tourism sector based on cycling, snow, nature-based tourism, food, wine, craft beer and cultural heritage.

The region is also strategically located on national freight and transport routes servicing Australia’s east coast, and has a number of strong manufacturing and service centres.

There are four Alpine Resorts contained within the region – Mount Buller, Mount Stirling, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek.

The region’s population is over 120,000 and it has more than 3 million visitors per year.

A Regional Skills Taskforce aims to:

  • understand local skills shortages
  • understand where local investment is being made
  • ensure that the unique requirements of the region for quality training and skills are understood and supported
  • ensure that barriers to providing training to meet regional demand can be identified and overcome
  • enable Government to address current and future skill shortages and workforce training needs, including the training needs of emerging industries, and
  • promote training pathways that lead to qualifications, jobs and skills development in the region.

The outcome of the Ovens Murray Regional Skills Taskforce is the development of a Regional Skills Demand Profile. This will provide an evidence base for the Victorian Government to shape and fund required training and pathways and to support the regional economy going forward.

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