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Primary Industry

Primary industries including Agriculture and Rural Production, Food and Fibre, Horticulture, Animal Care and Management, Racing, Conservation and Land Management, and Seafood and Aquaculture

This Industry Advisory Group covers the following Training Packages:

Code Training Package
FDF10 Food Processing
AGF07 Agri-Food
AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management
SFI Seafood Industry
ACM10 Animal Care and Management
RGR Racing Industry
AMP Australian Meat Industry
MTM11 Australian Meat
10018NAT Diploma of Wine Technology
10229NAT Certificate III in Horse Industry Practice (Performance Horse)
10230NAT Diploma of Horse Industry Management (Performance Horse)
22186VIC Certificate IV in Horse Breeding (Stud Supervision)
22246VIC Certificate II in Equine Studies
22260VIC Diploma of Applied Horticultural Science
22273VIC Diploma of Agronomy
22308VIC Diploma of Horse Breeding (Stud Management)


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