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Workforce Training Innovation Fund launch

On 19 January, the Victorian Skills Commissioner Neil Coulson joined the Minister for Training and Skills Gayle Tierney to launch the Government’s new $40 million Workforce Training Innovation Fund (WTIF).

The fund is a key feature of the Labor Government’s new approach to training Skills First and is a $40 million initiative to support industry and employers address their rapidly evolving workplace skills development needs.

Through the fund, grants of up to $5 million will be provided to see training providers working with businesses to develop innovative new training programs and approaches.

Successful initiatives will have a focus on increasing productivity in the workplace and ensuring existing workers and students looking to enter the workforce have the skills they need to take up jobs in new and emerging industries.

The initiative will also support job growth and innovation in the Labor Government’s six priority industry sectors including transport, new energy and medical technologies.

Seed funding of up to $50,000 is also available to help applicants develop, scope and prepare partnerships and projects.

For further information on WTIF, including applying for seed funding, go to

Mr Coulson said WTIF is a great opportunity for quality training providers and Victorian businesses to join forces and work together to address the training challenges faced by industry into the future.

“I have been speaking with businesses across the state who see this as a great new initiative to better align training with industry needs and enhance labour market outcomes,” Mr Coulson said.

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